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Incredibowl M420 MINI


The M420 is one of the best smoking apparatus’s that has ever been invented. The patented M420 comes with a glass bowl, bowl armor, annular purge carb, smoke injection nozzle and an expansion chamber.


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The team reimagined Incredibowl technology for the perfect piece for your pocket or purse. It delivers the same type of performance as the award-winning i420 – smooth, flavorful, potent smoke – delivered in the same patent-pending smoke shot.

You pack your smoking material in the glass bowl, which is shielded in the anodized aluminum BowlArmor (TM) to protect it from accidental drops and knocks.

The smoke is cooled and filtered of tars before filling the shatterproof expansion chamber. Pull the BowlArmor (TM) to open the 9-hole Annular Purge Carb (TM), blasting the cool, flavorful smoke into your lungs with high-velocity jets of fresh air.

Works terrifically with dried herbs/smoking material as well as concentrates – the perfect piece for on the go!

Each piece is guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects at the time of purchase.

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Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Red


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